Telco-OTT (Over-The-Top) is where a telecommunications service provider delivers one or more services across an IP network. … It embraces a variety of telco services including communications (e.g. voice and messaging), content (e.g. TV and music) and cloud-based (e.g. compute and storage) offerings.   are you Ready now to go for OTT .  with YAKKA  solution  witch lot of function such :

  1. live and VOD 
  2. Billing system . 
  3. DRM and content encryption 
  4. Multi-profile ABR transcoding
  5. P2P / HLS/ Dash streaming 
  6. CatchUp  & time shift  to 7days  


Get YAKKA . HOTEL SOLUTION . and make your guest enjoy  the stay at your hotel .    we offer .  one of the best interactive iptv solution for hotels rooms  with feature  such :

  1. International multilangues  live TV 
  2. international multilangues VOD video on demand package
  3. hotels information 
  4. Social Media access on TV 
  5.   Room service ordering system on tv 
  6. Live Chat & messaging  on TV 
  7. Newstand on Tv 
  8. Fast checkout from TV 
  9. Handy  interactive hotel mobile app 


YAKKA SIGN  platform is a feature rich digital signage solution that has been adopted by thousands of clients across the globe within industries including banking, finance, legal, enterprise, government, maritime, sports, arena, healthcare and hospitality and advertisement  companies .

Our platform has a wide array of features including dual video/TV windows in Digital Signage layouts,  with cloud Management system  that offer : 

  1. Manage your advertisement campaign from anywhere  
  2. Cl0ud based system cms 
  3. High Resolution Outdoor and indoor displays 
  4. Customised based on your need 

TV BOX manufacture and solution creator 

with more than 12 years experience in the TV box industry we believe we are your best partner  in china to rely on us in your future tv box purchase  plan 

  • We can help you decide what best Chipset need for your market . 
  • we can customise  the . OSD menu  friendly use  way as you require 
  • we  can develop any solution your require 
  • all software team are based in East europe . office with high technology background 
  • we control the production in china  by our special team to make sure  you get  the genuine original  parts .